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One of our prizes for Fairhaven students in this year’s PTSA fundraiser event was for a student to be Principal for a Day. This year’s winner was an amazing 7th grader, Miette.

Miette met me in my office early that morning and we set her up with a Fairhaven staff shirt and a Principal’s badge. After making our morning rounds to open up the band room for students to put their instruments away, monitor halls and make sure students got to class on time we joined the monthly PTSA meeting.



After the meeting we got out into the classrooms to see what was going on. Miette got to witness great instruction and discussions happening at all grade levels. It was the day after the presidential election so many students had insightful questions about the electoral process and how our nation decides who leads it.


During lunch time, Miette witnessed a student doing something that showed great responsibility and citizenship and was able to write this girl a Grrrrr. I think that may have been a high point for her.

Towards the end of the day I asked Miette to write out her TOP TEN list of what it was like being a Principal for a day. Her list shows how much she paid attention and enjoyed her day.



Miette’s TOP TEN List of being a Principal for a Day

  1. You have to responsible because you have to take care of making sure kids and staff are doing right things and you have to make sure everything in the school is working properly. I learned about this when we were walking around the school and we were making sure kids were on task and teachers were teaching in a responsible way. I learned that a principal has to make sure the school is working is when a janitor came over to Mr. Kalahan and something was not working and he has to check in with the principal or vice principal to make sure that he has all the info.
  2. You have to be organized when you are going to a meeting and when you plan out your day/week. You have to make sure that you don’t forget anything important. I learned this when me and Mr. Kalahan were talking about our day and what we were planning to do that day.
  3. You have to be social and able to talk to kids and help solve problems/answer questions that the kids may have. I learned this when some kids came up to me and one said that one of his friends stole his marble and wanted me to tell his friend to give it back to him. A few other times I saw that Mr. Kalahan had to be social when some students went to Mr. Kalahan and asked for help.
  4. I learned that you have to be patient with quite a few things like meetings and when you are working with students. I learned this when I was in a meeting with the PTSA and you had to be patient during the meeting and one other time I had to patient when we were walking around and in one class a kid was asking a question and we had to wait for him to remember his question.
  5. I learned that you have to be a good observer. You have to pay close attention to everything around you and what is happening. I learned this when we were at lunch and there was a kid that was cutting in line he was doing it multiple times and Mr. Kalahan had to go over to the kid and tell him that he had to go to the end of the line.
  6. You have to be collaborative with other staff and I learned this when Mr. Kalahan had to talk and work out stuff with other staff members.
  7. I learned that you have to be enthusiastic. I learned that this is an important trait to have as a principal because you have to encourage and motivate kids when you are walking around the school.
  8. You have to be quiet. I learned this when we were going into class rooms. We had to be quiet and observant and you usually speak every once in a while when you want to tell the class something related to the subject being taught.
  9. You have to be committed to helping and making the school run smoothly. I learned that it can be chaotic and crazy somedays like today when we went to a meeting and walked around the school and did all that.
  10. I learned that you have to have fun. With everything a principal does every day, if you are not having fun, you couldn’t be encouraging, motivating, friendly, and all the other things that a principal should be. I had a lot of fun hanging out and doing what a principal does for the day.


It was a lot of fun hanging out with Miette for a day and I know that with her positive attitude and kind heart that she is going to go far!


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