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Fairhaven Middle School has an alcohol, drug, & tobacco prevention club called G3: Grizzlies Getting’ Gritty. They meet every week to discuss how to raise awareness and build up their fellow students’ “Grit” when it comes to things like drugs, alcohol, dangerous activities, and suicide prevention.


Last week the G3 Team put on a Prevention Assembly to promote their fellow students who make good and smart choices when it comes to some of the destructive behaviors that substance use leads to.


This week, the G3 Team put on a “Prevention Palooza” during lunch time for all the students. They had four stations informing students about the deceptive advertising of tobacco and other relate4d products, health issues that are a direct result of drug and alcohol use, how the use of alcohol impairs your senses and abilities, and a table for students to pledge that theyPP30 would stay away from tobacco and other drug products. The hallway outside the cafeteria was packed with students engaging with the G3 members during the Palooza.


Ask your student about the Prevention Palooza and what they learned. Encourage them to get involved at Fairahven and make a difference for our community.




PP40Palooza 2Great Job Grizzlies!!



Robert Kalahan

Fairhaven Principal

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