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Every spring at Fairahven our 6th grade Language Arts Teacher, Alisa Sachs, puts on Fairhaven Reads. This all school book club gets students, parents, and staff reading a nationally recognized young adult book. The intent of Fairhaven Reads is to build community and connections through the discussions of our common reading.

In previous years we have read Counting By 7’s, Wonder (Winner of the Carnegie Medal for outstanding young adult books), and Brown Girl Dr
eaming (winner of the Correta Scott King Award for outstanding young adult books about the lives of African-Americans). This year the book that was chosen was Wolf Hollow, a Newbery Honor book and one of NPR’s Best Book of the Year. Brilliantly crafted, Wolf Hollow is a haunting tale of America at a crossroads and a time when one girl’s resilience, strength, and compassion help to illuminate the darkest corners of our history. The moral complexity of this year’s book was a testament to trust we have in our student’s ability to read great works.

Fairhaven reads culminated this week in a Skype conversation with the author of Wolf Hollow, Lauren Wolk, and Fairhaven Reads book night. Mrs. Sachs’s class was wall to wall Tuesday morning with students who wanted to hear from this award winning author and ask questions about the book and her craft. Wednesday night saw a hundred students, parents, and staff meeting in the school commons for refreshments, activities, and to share our thoughts about the book. Mrs. Sachs had engaging trivia challenges for everyone and facilitated the open discussions
about the major themes of the book in a way that led to great appreciation for this read and for one another.

If you get the chance, give Mrs. Sachs a big thanks for all the time and effort that she put in to this year’s Fairhaven Reads! It’s events like this that make Fairahven a great place for kids!


Robert Kalahan

Fairhaven Principal

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