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Student Drop Off and Pick Up

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Cars, busses, and middle school students mingling can be scary for all. Our number one priority before and after school is to make sure students are safe. Please read and observe the following procedures for Dropping-Off and Picking-Up your child and help us make the mornings and afternoons at Fairhaven safer.


Officially, FMS doors open at 8:45 for students. When dropping off your child, please pull to the end of the front drive before letting your child out. Students can then walk along the raised guard rail to the crosswalk and enter the school. Please do not allow your child to cross the raised barriers in the center as busses pull-up in the bus lane during the entire arrival window. Also, please do not stop at the front cross walk to let your student out when there are no cars in front of you, pull all the way up to the end before letting your child out of the vehicle. This will help keep the back up on Hawthorn from getting too long.


Because all students are released at 3:45 and we have 600 students leaving the front of the building at that time, we have closed off the front drive from 3:40 until the busses leave. Parents can park and line up along Hawthorn, but please do not block access to the Music Hall Parking lot. Another area that parents can park to wait for their child is on the upper parking lot off Park Ridge Rd near the basketball courts. Please do not park and wait in the Staff parking lots on the east side of the building. (Please see attached map). Also, please be respectful of the surrounding residential areas and do not park on side streets.


Things to Consider

  • Our bus transportation has one of the best safety records, please consider allowing your child to take the bus if available. The more students that take the bus, the less congestion we experience during these times.
  • Middle school is also a great time for students to practice their independence by riding their bike or walking to school.
  • Think about making your pick-up time for your child at 4:00, the traffic and parking is much clearer by this time and it would give your child a chance to check in with teachers and go to their lockers without rushing out of the building.


Robert Kalahan

Fairhaven Principal

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