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FMS Trees

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One of the neatest things about Fairhaven Middle School is the beautiful grounds, especially the area in front of the school along Hawthorn Rd.

FMS Trees
FMS Trees

Looking at photographs from the 1930’s I can see some of these trees as recently planted saplings, meaning they have been a part of the Fairhaven community for at least 80 years.

One of these older Maple trees is showing signs of age and rot. A local arborist recommends that the tree come down before it becomes a danger to the students or the other trees in on the property. We plan on bringing the tree down the day after school is out.

Fairhaven’s 8th grade Language Arts teacher Marcus Nuckolls is a very skilled wood worker and has asked if he could use the lumber from the downed tree to create benches and desks from it. These would be placed in the school as memorials to the history and conservation of grounds here at Fairhaven Middle School.

We don’t anticipate that the removal of this tree will change the character of the site here at Fairhaven, but it might be time to plan for the planting of replacement trees next Spring, with the intent on managing the landscape in a way that continues to bring beauty and inspiration to our school and community.

Please let me know if you have any questions or thoughts on this.

Robert Kalahan, Principal


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