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Food placed in drive box

Fairhaven Middle School Food Drive

Principal’s Blog

food1Every year we have an annual food drive to raise money for the Bellingham Food Bank.  Our school has grade level competitions to help motivate students, but we also emphasize the importance of giving not just during the holidays, but all year round.


According to Bellingham Food Bank Director, Mike Cohen, our food bank is the busiest food bank in Western Washington.  It gives out over 300,000 pounds of food every month.  35% of the recipients of that food are children and 15% are senior citizens.  Anyone who lives in Bellingham can visit the food bank once per week.  Food Bank visitors leave with at least $100 worth of food each visit.  Most of the people visiting the food bank are renters or homeowners and have at least one person in the household working full time.  More than 50% of the families visiting the food bank use the food bank to supplement the nutritional needs of their children.


Our community needs our support more than ever due to the increasing number of families that go to the Food Bank.  If you would like to contribute to our food drive, please send nonperishable food items or a cash donation to Fairhaven Middle School at 110 Park Ridge Road before December 15.  The Food Bank will take all nonperishable items, but there is a high demand for protein items, like tuna, canned chicken, rice, dried beans, and canned vegetables.


I believe that our community needs our support more now than in years past due to the increasing number of families that go to the Food Bank.   I hope you will consider helping in any way that you can, whether it be donating to our food drive or directly to the Bellingham Food Bank at 1824 Ellis Street.


Robert Kalahan

Fairhaven Principal


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