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6th Grade

Ancient Egypt
British Museum- Egypt
Mummy Maker – discover how mummies were made through this interactive website

Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece – explains all things relating to ancient Greece
Ancient Greeks and Persians
Battle of Marathon
British Museum – Greece
Greek Architecture – a look at the three classical orders of architecture
Greek Mythology – a look at the twelve immortals of Greek mythology
Peloponnesian War – resources for studying this important event

Ancient Rome
The College of New Rochelle: Roman Chariot Racing
Italy Guides: Rome
PBS: Chariot Racing
Pompeii Interactive
Spartacus Educational: Chariot Racing

Biography – a great resource for biographical information

Early Humans/ Prehistory
Becoming Human – an interactive journey through the story of our origins
Virtual tour through the Chauvet Cave in France

Geography glossary
Owl & Mouse Map Puzzles

British Museum
History Link 101’s Ancient Mesopotamia – connects you to the best of Art, Biographies, Daily Life, Maps, Pictures, and Research on Ancient Mesopotamia
Millennia of Murex

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World


7th Grade

African History – investigate the Ancient history and early civilizations of Africa

African World (PBS) – African history and culture in Wonders of the African World

Culture Links – cultures of the world facts and resources

Medieval Europe Resources

Medieval Islam Unit
Primary Sources – connects you to primary sources on the web
Social Action

Washington State Resources

Washington and the Pacific Northwest– online accompaniment to the textbook. Password and user name are wapnw

Washington State Tourism – great resource for geography, history and culture of the region

Go Northwest Travel Guide – things to do in regions of WA state

Virtual Tourist – things to do in regions of WA state


8th Grade

Boston Massacre Primary Source

Civil War Websites

Colonial America Links

Colonial America Religions

The Constitution

Culture/ Immigration Links

Legislative Branch – database of Senate and House bills and other legislative information

Primary Sources – connects you to primary sources on the web

Social Issues