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Welcome to Fairhaven! 

6th Grade at FMS: For lots of information about 6th grade at our school, click HERE

TOUR: For a 2021 tour of FMS with a few of our student mentors, click HERE

Meet Our Team: Beth Bacon, Angie Penner, & Marnie Hansen

(aka “The Pig Pen”)

Video Introduction – Who is the Pig Pen? Click HERE

Beth Bacon, M.S. Certified School Counselor (Last Names A-J)


Work Cell: (360) 739-7060

Angie Penner, M.Ed. Certified School Counselor (Last Names K-Z)


Work Cell: (360) 739-8381 

Marnie Hansen

Marnie Hansen, Registrar & Counseling Secretary

Office Phone: 360-676-6470 ext. 4671


How to See Your Counselor:

Click the image, below, to learn how to make an appointment with your school counselor, whether you’re here in person or learning remotely.


You probably know that counselors are here to provide crisis management and guidance, but did you know that we also support students in many other ways?

We meet with students, confidentially, to problem-solve everything from homework issues and grades, to fitting in, making positive peer connections, getting along with parents or teachers, bullying or harassment, or anything else that makes Middle School challenging.

We work with teaching teams to develop goals for struggling students and to follow up with those students to support their success.

We provide preventive and proactive classroom guidance to help students be successful, with an emphasis on respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness. This includes guidance aimed at limiting bullying and harassment, as well as lessons designed to help students make choices that will support their future career and life goals.

We connect our students (and their families) with community resources, including mental health counseling services.

We help our students (and their families) with the transitions into 6th grade and 9th grade.

We provide or facilitate team-building activities with classes, at teacher request.

We follow up on teacher concerns about a student’s emotional state, behavior, hygiene, academic performance, peer interactions, goals, etc.

And more…Please reach out if you need help or ideas.

Want to talk to a trained teen mentor for support?

Call the Teen Link help line at 1-866-TEENLINK (833-6546)

More helpful resources are listed on our student and family resource tab or reach out to your school counselor directly, and we can connect you!